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about me

The informal version.

Evelyn Lee, AIA, Architect, GreenSceneGirl, Elee, Evelyn, Design Strategist, Marketing, Communications

I am an architect, an entrepreneur, and a business professional. I bridge the gap between generation X and Y, often a first mover when it comes to technology but old enough to still remember DOS commands. I enjoy meeting new people, seeing new sites, and eating all different types of food. As an advocate for all things (or at least most things) sustainable, I struggle as a consumer with the choices I make on a regular basis regarding price, quality, and neccessity.

GreenSceneGirl (my twitter handle) and was originally a website dedicated to all of my publications online and in print. That still remains true, but it is time for the girl to grow-up.

A new Graduate (as of May 2012) and back in the real world, I felt that it was only appropriate that the moniker take on the title of its namesake. This website continues to be a collection of all my recently published works, but also serves as a larger landing page and keeper of all my passions, decisions, and struggles that comes with living a balanced life as a female professional.

When I am away from the glow of the ever-present computer monitor I am an avid BootCamp participant (6 days a week if I am able), a self taught Iron Chef (my fiance says my cooking is “awesome”), and an apprenticing jeweler (good enough to give away as gifts). I cherish time with family &  friends, and am lucky to have so many personal cheerleaders in my life.

I also adore Maxwell, my shepherd/collie mix, who keeps me entertained for hours and is my training partner for 2 running goals I hope to achieve by the end of 2014: (1) Beat my personal best in a 2 mile run set in college 12:02:13 (2) Complete a 10k in under 55 minutes.


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why write?

Writing has always been a therapeutic exercise for me due to its ability to offer unsolicited advice to a captive audience. After all, everyone makes-up their own mind on whether or not to read an article. Writing provides an opportunity to further investigate ares of interest and, especially in more in-depth articles, often discover something novel. In its most basic form, writing is a great excuse for me to learn something new.

I started writing for publications in 2003, before blogging was considered a legitimate career choice. In the years that followed, I have collectively written over 500 articles for both print and online publications. I particularly enjoy writing for publications that support my personal and professional values including the following:


I also serve on the Editorial Board for:

recommended reading

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry describes a wildly popular approach to organizational change that dramatically improves performance by encouraging people to study, discuss, learn from, and build on what’s working, rather than simply trying to fix what’s not.

Authors: Amanda Trosten-Bloom & David Cooperrider

Cost: $30.05 from AMAZON


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I primarily consult with small to medium sized firms within the AEC industries, offering marketing|communications expertise along with business development planning.

Communications & Marketing

  • Identify New Communications/Market Opportunities
  • Develop Strategic Marketing Plan, Messaging, & Materials
  • Online Resource Planning, Creation, & Implementation (website & social media use and integration)

Brand Management

  • Brand Assessment
  • Brand Creation & Implementation
  • Brand Stewardship

Business Strategy

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Short Term & Long Term Strategic Planning
  • Partnership & Alliance Development
  • Project Pipeline Management & Growth
  • Sustainability Planning & Implementation


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running for office

I am currently running for AIA California Council’s First Vice President/President Elect. This is the first time that this particular position has been contested in 3 years, and in an interesting turn of events my opponent is a former employer, Brian Dougherty, FAIA. I have the deepest respect in the world for Brian and attribute my ability to run for this position to the professional development opportunities that were available to me while working at Dougherty + Dougherty Architects. A website is in the works and will include a survey open to all AIACC members: students, associates, licensed practitioners, and emeritus.

The Practice of Architecture & The Practice of Design

In collaboration with professionals in the AEC industry and the many fields it supports, 2 new websites are currently going through design and content development:
The Practice of Architecture, acknowledges and recognizes best firm and AIA component practices within the industry.

The Practice of Design, looks at how design, or the facilitation of design strategy and thinking, influences and changes the way we live, work, and play.

EcoLuxLife… design your sustainable life

Evelyn is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief for EcoLuxLife.

EcoLuxLife is a web-log dedicated to showcasing modern sustainable products available for purchase as well as their designers. While we believe that living a more sustainable lifestyle means minimizing one’s consumption, we are realistic about the purchasing habits of our readers. That being said, we hope EcoLuxLife becomes a resource in your decision making process, by cataloging the many great items that are currently available in the marketplace for the modern dweller.


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The contact form below goes straight to my personal email and I enjoy hearing from those who have found their way to my site. I am espcially interested in new ideas reagarding sustainable design practices and principals, the built environment, and potential partnerships or new opportunities. You can also reach me or learn more about me through any of the social media channels found here.

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